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What Is Gloving?

It’s a new dance taking the EDM scene by a storm and gaining popularity amongst younger dance crews. Check out the video to get a better idea of what this is all about and how passionate the people involved in it are. Once a growing sub-culture shut down by the commercialization of the rave scene, but now on the rise again.

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Gloving Is An Art

And a Dance!

Some would say that gloving is just a “fad”. I beg to differ. Ever since my first gloving light show, I’ve been amazed at the magic that can be created with 10 lights attached to someone’s finger tips!

Gloving is an art form and an expression of emotion through the hands, and is usually performed with a pair of LED gloves, such as the Chroma 24 by EmazingLights. The gloving genres have been propelled by the deal between Brian Lim (creator of Emazing Lights) and Daymond John (founder of Fubu) along with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, when these awesome gloves were presented in the Shark Tank on the episode that aired in March 2015.

With EDM music growing more popular and mixing with other genres, such as Pop and Hip Hop, we can expect EmazingLights and the growing glove light culture to begin to boom along with the Bass from that hardcore dub-step pounding from your speakers.

Rave gear and rave wear have never been this dope. LED lights and raves just go together. It’s a shame that accessories were banned from raves years ago. They act like banning rave accessories stopped the kids from going in or somethin’. I can guarantee it didn’t. I’m sure “they” will realize how dumb they were and soon LED gear will be allowed back into rave with the increase of more people demanding it.

Let’s all join forces and make Gloving the first accepted form of LED gear to be allowed back into raves. Time for a change and a new future. Finger tuts and gloves boooooooyyyyyyyyy! If you’re not so sure about gloving, check out some of the videos on , and I am sure you will gain a new found love for gloving!

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