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Best in the U.S.?

If you are looking for some great EDM Clubs to show off your gloving moves, then maybe a road trip is in order. You may or may not have many local venues to choose from, but there are plenty of clubs with great music all across the U.S.A. Here are a handful of dance clubs to check out along your journey.

Tree House Miami, Fl.

In Miami, check out the Treehouse. There are many techno and underground artists that appear at this hip Miami club. The Treehouse also has something going on at least every week, and is always busy during Miami’s Music Week. The inside also does kind of have a treehouse vibe, so it is definitely worth a trip.

Smart Bar Chicago, IL

Chicago has had the Smart Bar for over thirty years, but don’t think it is too old-school for you. Chicago has been a hub for EDM and one of the first cities to really explore the genre. You can dance and move all night long in Chi-town.
For state of the art facilities and DJ equipment, where else would you go but Las Vegas? No expense was spared when Hakkasan Nightclub opened in 2013. There are LED screens from floor to ceiling, and you will find world-class artists performing at this popular EDM spot.

EDM clubs in LA

Sound Los Angeles, Ca.

Going to the West Coast? Stop by Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles. This club really helped keep the underground scene alive in the SoCal area. The dance floor is surrounded by 3D video screens that can change to fit the mood of the music. You may find big names or up and coming talent, but you will love the music and atmosphere.

U Street Music Hall

If you are in the nation’s capital, check out U Street Music Hall. This basement club is still owned and operated by DJs, so you get the best music in town. This club was made for dancing, and no sitting around is allowed! Events do sell out fast, so plan your trip in advance and catch the artists and sounds that get you moving and grooving.

There are many other EDM clubs across the country, and even more in some of these cities, but these clubs are some of the best. Dance your way across the country, and enjoy the ride.

Best EDM Clubs in the U.S. | Gloving Light
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Best EDM Clubs in the U.S. | Gloving Light
The best clubs and locations for raves in the US that feature DJs who spin EDM music. This is a list of the venues that were voted the best in America.

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