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Does Emazing Lights Measure Up To the Hype?

We think so! When it comes to gloving gloves, Brian Lim’s company EmazingLights really knows how to “grow a pair” and create a pair of gloves that light up the rave. WTF is the deal with all of the cheap gloves on the web? I don’t know if you guys have tried the cheap gloves but they’re not the best if you are a seasoned glover.

I recently purchased a and they were probably the best gloves I’ve ever owned. The light patterns are dope! With the different speeds, although there are only 5 colors, changing the speeds tends to change the colors even more. For instance if you turn the green on high, it appears to be silver. As you move your hands, the gloves tend to change colors even more!

So Why Should You Choose EmazingLights?

The answer really is simple! If you want to become a beast in the gloving arena, then you’re going to need a fresh pair of whites from EmazingLights. Brian Lim really went out on a “Lim” (haha) with his authentic line of gloves and they are the best we’ve yet to see! I wonder if any other gloving companies are out there. I wouldn’t know because, why else would I need to look when I’ve already own a pair of the Elite Element Glove Set, Elite Oracle Glove Set, and The Chroma 24s.

The amount of color combinations, speeds, and programming allow you to do a ton more then you can with your average gloves, and by average gloves I’m referring to anything other then Emazing Lights branded gloves. They just suck in my opinion. When I bought my first pair of gloves, I found a cheap pair for like $10. I so regretted ever putting those freakin’ gloves on. There were literally no combinations or programs. The finger tips just blink.

Not the best light show experience if you can imagine. So after embarrassing myself, I felt the urge to suddenly spend $150 on a pair of gloving gloves from Dank Head at EmazingLights.

Cheap Gloves From Emazing Lights™

If you want to get some cheap gloves from EmazingLights here are a few pairs that are great if you’re on a budget. Only trust in the dank head logo! Here’s a list:

For $34.95

  • Gambit –
  • Toxic Cheerios –
  • Subsonic – ON SALE $24.95
  • Anime –
  • Bunny –
  • Tropical Paradise –
  • Alice In Wonderland –
  • Frywalker –
  • Gloving Is Not A Crime –
  • Crayon –
  • Nebula –
  • Shark Attack –
  • Joker –
  • Bubble Gum –

Don’t under estimate these gloves because they’re cheap. Remember that they’re cheap LED gloves from Emazing Lights™ and not just any pair of gloving gloves. If the DankHead logo is on the wrist, then you know its a quality pair of whites with some quality lights! NO second guessing, these gloves are the whip (and tunnel hah! Too many puns today I know, don’t shoot me!)

Seriously the Amazon marketplace is where I tend to find fresh whites from these guys at an affordable cost. No lie, it’s usually cheaper then the site. As you see above the gloves are $30 cheaper on Amazon then they are on-site at EmazingLights. I’m not sure why and I’d figure it be the other way around.

So in conclusion I think Brian and the EM crew have created some great gloves that really stand the test of time. Keep em’ clean though, they are white. I bought some of that never wet spray to keep em somewhat clean but it made them kind of stiff. I’ll see if I can work something out to make it not so stiff. Also make sure you load up on batteries when you get a pair of gloves. Don’t want to go dead in the middle of melting someone’s face, you know what I’m sayin’?

Well until next time, peace out glovers alike and cheers to the future of gloving! Peace!


Are EmazingLights Gloves The Best
Article Name
Are EmazingLights Gloves The Best
This article is about EmazingLights which is a company that produces and distributes high quality gloving gloves and and specifically the product line of eLite LED glove sets.

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