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Gloving Exercises

Whether you are just starting or are an experienced with , you need to keep those hands and fingers limber. Warming up to practice is also advised. Here are some gloving exercises you will want to do in order to do your routines with ease.
Another reason to exercise is to keep your form and hand posture in good shape. Some finger movements are really detailed so you will want your fingers to be loose and flexible.

Let’s Get Started

You need to learn to control each finger independently and one great practice technique is to stretch out your fingers as far as you can. Stretch all of your fingers at the same time, and then practice doing this one finger at a time. This will increase your finger dexterity.

Folding your hands is another good exercise. Put your hands together, with palms facing each other. Fold your fingers together. You will notice that your dominant thumb will be on top. Switch all of your fingers so the other thumb is on top. Repeat this exercise at your own pace. Your goal is to increase the speed as you switch fingers so that you eventually will be going very fast.

More Finger Fitness

Once you have the folding exercise down, you will then want to modify the finger workout to isolate individual fingers. You start in the same palm-facing position, with fingers touching. Start with your thumbs, and move the 2 thumbs only. Next go to the index fingers, and so on. As with the first exercise, start slowly and increase your speed over time.

The next step is to try moving two fingers simultaneously. Try your ring finger and pinkie together. Then move your index and middle fingers together. Again, start off slow, but your end goal is to get as quick as you possibly can.
Work on these simple finger exercises and you will be in good condition for all the gloving moves you want to do.

The End Of The Exercise

I advise doing this for 15 minutes everyday so that you get used to the way your fingers move. I know it sounds stupid, but trust me it really works. Go back to the and check out more LED gloving stuff!

Well cheers guys, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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