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LEDs and Chips Light up your Gloves

While Gloving lights can be complicated, you can still learn the basics and go from there. There is a lot of room to customize your lights, but more on that later. Here is some beginner’s info on the chips and that make your lights possible.

The Basics

A small computer chip, like the eLite Pro from EmazingLights, at your fingertips becomes your light for gloving. These chips are normally powered by two button cell batteries. The chips can be programmed to make different effects in your light show.

You will have a light on each finger and even on your palm, if you want to add some more drama to your light routine. The lights can be placed differently on your fingers, depending on your personal preference. Some Glovers put the lights resting on their fingernails. Other Glovers like the lights to be lower, or even right below the fingers. You can always experiment to see what you like best and what looks the best with your movements.

Melting a dudes face!

Single mode chips are readily available, and will do one thing. There are now even chips that let you customize colors and modes without even changing out the LED bulbs. These chips have an LED soldered right onto them. Other chips let you add effects such as strobing, stuttering and fading.

Most Glovers just change out their LED bulbs to get different colors. Most light let you interchange the LED bulbs, so it is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to change the colors in your routine. The LED bulbs are very versatile and allow you to come up with many great variations of effects and colors. You can get almost any color you want today, and allow your creativity to shine through.

Get the basics down first, and then you can try out different chips and LEDs to enhance your gloving movements.

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