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Rules To Raving

Yes, there is r etiquette and a proper way you should know how to rave.

If you have your LED Glove routine polished and ready, you will now want to go show it off. A Rave is a great venue to present your skills and put on a great light show. If you have never been to a Rave, there are a few things you will want to know.

Check out the DJs that will be performing at the Rave. While you will always find EDM and techno music, there are many different styles of music, and you may not like all of it. You don’t want to show up and then hate the music being played.
Ravers like to have fun and love to dance. Expect to see all kinds of people there. Check your judgments at the door, and just relax and enjoy the ride.

Rave Costumes

Wanna know how to rave?

While it is dark in a Rave, a lot of dancers do dress up or wear costumes when they really know how to rave. Some Raves have themes, so check that out, too, if you want to participate in that way. Shoes should be pretty comfortable so you can move around smoothly.

Raves are more fun if you go with a friend. Try to buddy up and stick together. Some raves are huge and you may have a hard time reconnecting. It is also safer (especially for the lady Glovers out there) to travel with a friend.

Stay hydrated! You will be dancing and moving like crazy, and it is good to drink water during the evening.

Rave Mantra

Learn and practice the Rave mantra- if your really are interested in  how to rave the right way. PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. These tenets make up the basic beliefs of the true Raver, so remember these, and try to live them.

The number one rule of the Rave is to just be yourself, have fun and move to the music. Dance your heart out and show off your LED gloving skills.

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