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Here at Gloving Light we like to keep you updated with the hottest rave gear and rave clothes for women in 2016. You like to look good while you shake your asses to some good ol’ EDM and we want to help you out in the fashion department. In this blog post we’ve compiled some of the hottest outfits for women and think you might like what we’ve put together. Check it out!

Ganja Weed Leaf X Cross Romper Rave Bodysuit

Being that we are advocates of the marijuana movement, we love this Marijuana body suit we found for you ladies. Sexy and shows off the booty, which we know is the sexiest part of this costume. Chances are, if you’re an EDM chick you have a great butt and this for a low price, will look amazing on you!

Sexy Faux Fur Coat

The next time the weather is a little cold at an EDM event or rave, you might want to get bundled up in this comfortable faux fur rave coat. It’s super sexy and cute. Even if it isn’t cold this sexy coat will still look good at any rave, just make sure you don’t get over heated and drink plenty of water. 😉 The inside of the coat is extremely soft and comfortable while feeling great on your skin.

Classic Indian Headdress

Show your true spirit and rock this awesome Indian Headdress to the next rave. Rave clothes don’t always have to be completely eccentric. You can have a natural look, and what looks more natural while blending in with the party then this head gear. Cool and natural and depending what rave clothes you are wearing, could also be sexy. Check out the !

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