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Cheap LED Gloves


This is for those of you who are shopping on a budget. I ain’t gonna lie, I’ve got tons of these “cheap” pairs of gloves. I use the EmazingLights when trying to put on a show, and use the cheap ones to practice or if I’m going somewhere that I wouldn’t want to misplace or damage them at. Typically raves, that still allow you to bring shit that glows.

So try these gloves and I can guarantee you won’t regret it. They have all of the same color combinations with the LED gloves and contain plenty of light for you to your dance. The fingertips light up pretty much the same and their isn’t much difference.

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Here is a cheaper version on the EmazingLights gloves. Not to be confused with the brand emazing lights but does the same thing basically. It’s just if you’re like me and always on a budget, then these are perfect and should be in your collection. I always keep a couple of pairs handy, plus you can do some trick finger tut movements with these gloves on your hands.


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