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Chroma 24 from EmazingLights


Chroma 24

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By far the sickest fresh whites on the market when talking about gloving! Emazing Lights microlights are the best and last much longer then those cheap rave gloves. If you are a serious glover and respect the craft, then it is a must that you own a pair of Emazing Lights’ Chroma 24’s.

So whether your conjuring, stacking, finger waving, or showing off your liquid dance move styles, this LED glove set here on Gloving Lights’ site is the way to go. These are the shit and we know it. I own two pairs. One to go where ever and the a pair of whites that I keep fresh at all times. I only pull em’ out when it’s time to show off my finger tuts!

If you’re on a budget check out these fresh gloves from EmazingLights also!



Chroma 24 from EmazingLights™

  • The best rave gloves on the market
  • Comes with 10 LED lights and 20 batteries
  • Magic stretch material by EmazingLights
  • Compatible with 1616 and 1620 batteries

The Chroma 24 are the top of the line when speaking about rave gloves or gloves used for gloving and finger tutting. Whether you are melting someones face or putting your musicality techniques to use, these are the gloves you need and have the highest quality micro lights you will find. For all of you guys out there still giving fingershows, it is about time that you updated and started giving light shows!

So go ahead and grab some fresh whites from EmazingLights and show of your technicality and transitions properly by making an impact!


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