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Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat Tank Top

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Do you rave, eat, sleep, then repeat? I do and this tank top totally represents who I am and what I am. I’m a raver and like to consider my self to be a hardcore raver. Separate myself from the rest, you know? If you feel how I do and know that you are the epitome of raving and others fall short, then this is the tank top for you.

Comes in three different colors and even comes in pink for the ladies! This is rave wear to the fullest.



Rave Gear Tank Top

Eat, sleep, rave tank top for the hardcore raver. 100% cotton and made in the US. This tank top is super cool and comes in 3 different colors. Hit the next rave with a shirt that any fellow raver can appreciate, Forget the flow sticks, this is much more impressive. Flowing is a thing of the past and now raving and EDM concerts are about style.

Order it from Amazon and get a deal!

My friend just picked up this awesome Guy Fawkes mask and it would go perfect with this shirt.


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