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EmazingLights LED Mask

This a new mask to come out of the Emazing Lights collection and I must say it’s one of the sweetest one I have seen yet. Picture rocking this mask as you put on one of your gloving shows. I can see them incorporating this into many performances and music videos in the future.

Gloving is not slowing down and the accessories keep expanding indicating that this industry probably isn’t going to die at all. Check this cool LED mask out and see how you look in it. Definitely not faceless and will probably be the coolest addition to your rave gear collection.

If the mask is a little more then what you were looking for, then check out these sound-activated sunglasses.


EmazingLights Mask With LED Lights

Comfortable structure and comes with hyper strobe. Produced by Emazing Lights so you know that it’s a solid product and will look great on your face at the rave. Add a pair of gloving gloves to the mix and you’re in the money.

Lasts for a long time and is incredibly durable. Perfectly fits to your face and able to wear it for hours.



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