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Emazing Lights Mask

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Imagine walking through the crowd and seeing this blinking mask walking towards your direction. I think it would create a remember able experience and you will never forget that rave. Now picture that person with the LED mask being you at the concert.

Talk about hooking up with a couple of EDM girls. It would be super easy, and not to discriminate but let me clarify that this mask is not just for the fellas but can also be worn by the ladies. Super comfortable and fits on your face very well.


Emazing Lights Mask

Emazing Lights Anarchy Peanut EL Wire Adult Jabbawockeez Light Up Rave Mask.

Classic mask from the EmazingLights company. New strobe light feature that makes the mask look extra sick! Switches LEDs and patterns. This mask is a brilliant creation and deserves to be in a museum somewhere displayed as a fine piece of art work. This is rave gear to the max and this should be in your wardrobe if you are a hardcore raver like I am.

Whether it some hardcore bass dropping in some dub step or a nice techno track thumping in the crowd, this mask is sure to fir any EDM concert or rave scene. Join the LED scene and lets make an impact by everyone demanding LED, flow lights, gloving lights, or any other . I do agree that the pacifiers serve only one purpose, although I do know girls who used to walk around raves with pacifiers just to look cute.

We at Gloving Light are helping propel the EDM dance scene and everything it has to offer! It’s a beautiful environment with beautiful people, and a lot of fun to get involved with.


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