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EmazingLights LED Glove Set

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I remember when these gloving gloves started gaining popularity years ago. Then raves became commercialized and monitored, and all that bogus shit, and they banned anything LED along with many other accessories. Well after an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, aired with the owner of EmazingLights walking away with an amazing deal from Mark and Daymond, gloving gloves seem to be gaining in popularity.

With two venture capitalist investors such as them two, it’s only a matter of time before we see these gloves EVERYWHERE! I’ve already witnessed a gloving battle and it was pretty sick! Faces were definitely melted!

We are at the beginning of this trend and its  sure to become more then just a trend, but more like a light wave that sparks the tunnel at the end of the dark rave corridor.

Just kidding! These gloving gloves are cool for anyone, not just ravers and are an awesome toy for kids. Kids can start learning the gloving style of dancing early and evolve with it. Check out this gloving light show battle with EmazingLights.


EmazingLights eLite Gloves

This set is fantastic for newbies. It features 20 different colours with 3 distinct styles enabling you to produce patterns that are distinct!
Updated eLite 3.0 casings (rubberized bottoms & lowest microlight accessible)!
To set your glove set up, shove  each microlight to the end of every fingertip of your white gloving gloves and make use of the eZ  light to click button! To turn off hold the button for  a few seconds. To change light patterns continue holding.

To really set off your light show diffraction prism glasses!

EmazingLights is making an impact in the gloving world and we should all support them by picking up a pair of their elite gloves today!



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