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iHeartRaves Husky Rave Spirit Fluffy Furry Hood

Ok now this is probably the sexiest of sexy rave gear I have ever seen. Take it from me, I’m a guy, and this is sexy. Not only that, but the faux fur on this hoodie is extra plush a extremely soft. The rave and EDM scene are what’s “in” right now and you need to look “hot” when you hit the rave!

I know its hard for you ladies when picking out sexy rave gear and we plan to make it easy here at glovinglight.com. That’s right Mutha Glova, we got it all and out gear is kick ass and sexy as hell. Make sure you stop by the full shop and check out our rave gear and ladies check out the rest of the ladies rave wear we have to keep you looking extra sexy!


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This fluffy sexy hoody is all a girl needs to look hot at the next rave or EDM concert. This is at it’s sexiest and we know this wolf will turn any guys head. No worries it’s not a real wolf and we wouldn’t dare hurt any animals!

This sexy one piece:

  • Wolf head wear
  • Extremely plush fur (not real) but it’s faux
  • 3 pockets on side pocket has a zipper
  • Fasten the hood with a button
  • One size fits all (hood)


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