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LED Glasses

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You can’t see me! Well you might if your vision was a little brighter with these cool ass glasses that have LED’s in the frames. What?! LED’s in the frames?


And these glasses are super sick, super cool, and just super in general. In fact they’re so super that they actually fly when you take them off of your face! Not really, nut they are incredibly cool. Just go over to Amazon to check them out!


These LED glasses are definitely the coolest glasses that I Have ever seen in my entire existence. Picture yourself hitting the next rave in these awesome LED glasses. Super cool and futuristic just like the EDM scene is! You know were from the future baby!

We are the children from the stars and what better way to show that then to walk around with these awesome shades a=on your face. They are cool without the LED lights that are fluorescent in color, but add those and it takes it to another level.


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