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LED Guy Fawkes Mask

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This mask is sick! If you are like me and are a huge fan of Guy Fawkes or the movie “V For Vendetta” then this is the ultimate rave mask for you! This is surely in my collection and I cant wait until burning man rolls around (god willing I get tickets) to show of this mask where it will really be appreciated. EDM is the coolest and hippest scene and the gear is even cooler.

People watching is probably the best part of attending raves, and I can honestly say I have never seen anything quite this cool. Hopefully I stand out by the time burning man is here. Either way, buy the mask and lets meet at burning man!


Let’s Go to The Rave Anonymous

This mask more commonly worn by Guy Fawkes, is noticed around the world as a symbol of rebellion against corrupt government policies and implementations there of. Well know you can rep your rights in style with this awesome LED rave mask that resembles the mask we all know from “V For Vendetta” or worn by the hacker group Anonymous.

This mask represents equality, freedom, humans, and most of all your right to party as hard as you want to. So grab this mask and hit the next rave rockin’ it. Guaranteed you turn more then just a few heads. When it comes to rave gear, this is the shit! It will also look good with from Emazing Lights!


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