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LED Tie Rave Wear

Look like a professional …….. a professional raver when you hit the next rave or concert. This hip tie blinks or just stays on the entire time. You can set it to whatever you would like. Rock it at the EDM festival or just around the city at night to turn a couple of heads.

Only needing one AAA battery it lasts a long time and makes it convenient to change out the battery. This is the ultimate addition to any rave wear or rave outfit for a guy!


LED Tie For The EDM Show

Tie has 2 different modes, on and blinking. Comes in multiple colors just check our stock! Comes as an adjustable length so one size fits all and make the perfect rave accessory for any! Only need one triple A battery and stays on for a long time, and definitely will last the entire party.

Also, rock this really cool tie wearing LED mask from Emazing Lights!


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