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Show Me Your Tuts Tank Top

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Hey! Show me your tuts! Make sure you put emphasis on the “uh” the “u” makes or it might just get you slapped or knocked out by some guy if you say it to his girl.

It’s all love though, and that’s what finger tutting and gloving is all about. Expressing your love through an art form that has been traveled minimally. Lets take an adventure and check out what this genre is all about.

You can see some videos here,, if you’re interested in finding out more about gloving and it’s movement!


Unisex “Show Me Your Tuts” shirt. Anyone into finger tutting or gloving should totally get up on this tank top and rock it proudly and promote awareness of the wave that is growing. Finger tutting and gloving that is!

I’ve seen some dope finger tutters out there and the game is getting quite competitive and I think as these kids get better, we can expect “gloving” and finger tutting to become more then just a “trend”.

100% cotton and made in the USA.


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