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Sound Activated LED Sunglasses

Check out the reviews yo!

These glasses are killin’ it. Probably the sickest pairs I’ve ever seen and think I may have to trade in my Ray Bans. Nah I dont think these will keep the sun out of your eyes, but they sure will look cool as they light to the beat of some bass heavy EDM music. Yeah! They look pretty dope on my face with the beat going.

Add a couple of pairs of EmazingLights gloves or some of the gloving gear found here, and you’re all set to set the crowd on fire!


Composite frames and lenses and LED lights that light with the sound of the beat. Tese definitely need to be on your face when you hit the rave scene or your next EDM concert. Imagine the lights flickering on your face as that sick ass dub step beat drops and the crowd goes crazy!

I love the beat and that is what drives me to be the young and wild individual I am proud to be! Let the beat be the light in your dark tunnel with these awesome glasses.


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