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Weed Leaf Shirt Sound Activated

I don’t know if you love weed like I LOVE WEED, but I totally had to get this shirt the first time that I saw it. It’s pretty awesome and unique because I have never seen a marijuana shirt that lights up. Well, now I have and I had to get it and share it with you guys. I got it for a great price on Amazon and I know anyone who is a “weed” fan, will appreciate this as much as me.

This marijuana tee is for the stoner, medical marijuana advocate, edible eater, or that person that just indulges some of the time. I mean, hey you gotta make room for the finer things in life some times ;). Make this shirt an awesome addition to your wardrobe!


This cool weed leaf shirt lights up and is sound activated. I’m a huge representative of the medical marijuana movement and I rock this t-shirt proudly. Not only that but it makes for some extra groovy rave gear because the light beats to the music.

Who doesn’t want a marijuana leaf on their chest that lights up with the beats of the music. It’s an awesome shirt and I haven’t seen anything cooler!


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