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Hey guys! What’s up and welcome to my blog at Gloving Light! The freshest motha’ gloving blog on the interweb bitches! I’ve been in the LED glove scene about a year now and it’s time to share my knowledge and share what has helped me evolve so much with the art of Glovin’! I can remember the first pair of fresh whites I purchased from and remember I felt like a kid at Christmas all over again.

Afraid of getting them dirty I went and bought a cheaper LED glove set to practice with, like . As I watched all of the tutorials from EmazingLights I quickly began to progress with my skills and learned how to blow! Moving around, melting face after face I realized I was pretty good and was actually stoked to find out there were so many others that had a passion for gloving like I did!

Well gloving is my passion and I am here to help as many as i possibly can on their journey to becoming a professional glover. As gloving advances I’m sure the techniques will get much more difficult. I’m like conjuring and playing with depth perception when I glove.

So again people, Welcome to my blog and make yourselves at home!


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