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If you have been looking for some dope gloving videos that are new and up to date, then this is your spot! From best glovers like, Mirage, Trippz, Munch, Vex, Stasis, JayFunk, J Bake, Gambit, Tri-Angles, and many more!

Our goal is to catapult the gloving scene to the top of dancing and make it a spectator art for, that can be viewed and enjoyed by everyone. Light shows aren’t just for druggies, they’re for real people like me and you. I really think gloving is fucking cool and screw anyone who says it’s just drug addicts who like it. I don’t use drugs and I love it. Just wish i could do it better, that’s all.

Some of the guys in this culture are super dope and need us to share their content and the shit they put on YouTube to show people how dope this gloving thing really is. If you want to get involved, try out these from EmazingLights.

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